Fantasy Moon

This song was written during the Angelic Commonwealth, by an unknown musician. It alludes to the human fascination with angelbots, who are asexual, to the disappointment of many who become fixated on these beautiful machines. A heretical school of thought from the same time period asserted that the angelbots were only mostly asexual, and that romantic human-robot relations were not impossible, only taboo. As a point in favor of this theory, public romantic human-robot relations sprang up rapidly after the fall of the Angelic Commonwealth. Most speculate that this song helped inspire a film that was released shortly before the Angelic Commonwealth's fall. The film in question depicted a controversial relationship between a young man and an Angel of the Rose Church sect. Released strategically during the famous Seraseptemeron Festival, the film was regarded as a social criticism of Anael, leader of the Rose Order and one of the seven first generation organic angels.