“Lee Lee the Wonder Girl”

She soaked into our world like a wet towel, the knowledge of who in whom lost in a fever
Her hands were made in summer of fishes' ears, her skin in the new moon from lunar light
She fell into holes that were never there, into spaces between the air, grinning an empty smile
Her hollow insides breathed their own liquid nitrogen, fiery with eons of green fires burning

Lee Lee the Wonder Girl
The universe is inside of her

Lost her tooth at the playground, chipped on a neutrino when her eyes were turned inward
Scraped a knee where the wind kicked her, bleeding small yellow stars onto the pavement
Her hair was full of light, full of dark, full of cold unending space as deadly as her shaded eyes
When she cried, the Crab Nebula fell down her weakening cheeks like tumbling sand in the void

Lee Lee the Wonder Girl
The universe lives inside of her

Flies on wings invisible, in air like wet cardboard, charging at driving rain as if it were her enemy
Pearls clipped to her ears were a present from her grandmother, who never knew her mother
She claps and black holes tumble down greedily to inhale her sound, her fingers quiver fearfully
Quasars in her voice, she sings like a dead mermaid, a little sad, a little happy, all alone in a dream she can't wake up from

Lee Lee the Wonder Girl
The universe breaking through her skin

Older now, colder now, she waits for another sharp pain in her quintessence, another leak of light
Her skin cracks and splits, crashing out from her finger tips in waves of angry white blood
Her eyes are full of rings of saturn. Her eyes are beautiful like abandoned tears in a dark shoe box
She knows her destiny in truncated conjectures, in the way the pale blue fire fills her skull

Lee Lee the Wonder Girl
Lost in ecstasy, forgotten in tumbles of star-shifts

Her face is angularly defiant, a fortress of silver fury, her nose betrays her with its roundness
Her room is a little girl's, she's filled it with her life, and rings of concentric circles line her shelves
There are poppies in the corner, and gardenias by her bedside, ready for the nightmares of a waking fear
Her eyes are open, her mouth is closed, dark matter vomits itself from her flesh in a well-meaning river

Lee Lee the Wonder Girl
The universe is breaking through her skin

The golden bubble fills her mind, pushes dimensions into nothingness like a fastidious mother spider
Her thoughts slip through the cracks in little rivulets of electricity, crushing dead skin cells
Her heart clenches in a great choke of molten gold, hydrogen fusion in her kidneys in pitted clangs
She tears her sweat asunder, nails of reddened futility, and photons implode in her wracking cough

Lee Lee the Wonder Girl
The universe is inside of her

The flood comes from her nose, from her ears, her eyes, her mouth, and groin, from the precious pores of her collarbones
It comes in spades, breaking through the dirt of her fingers in a lumpy rip of sound, dissolving the room in triumph
Her skull is the dome of the atmosphere, her vaporized bones are comets, her fear becomes the winter
Her eyes are left in trembling subways, to hold a darkness in the lights of trains and complacent passengers

Lee Lee the Wonder Girl
The universe was inside of her