Meant to Be

This song is set farther into the future than I really understand, in part because it is a prophecy and in part because it is a narration from the future, which is what prophecy is anyway. As far as we know, only one Shadow Queen has ever existed in the 21st century, and this only because of the rumor that a child-queen named Zillah from the late Shadow Court Dynasty was exiled to the 21st century. If she exists, she may not have all her memories. If she manages to survive from the 21st century into a time when she can get ahold of the technology she needs to go back to her kingdom, her memories are bound to be faded and confused from the extensive time travel and her many years in a foreign timeline. She is bound to have made emotional connections with natives of the foreign timeline, some of whom she will be sorry to leave behind. But supposing she fulfills the prophecy of her return, it is likely that those who exiled her will no longer be around. It is likely that another, naive Shadow Queen may be ruling the kingdom, and it is probable that Zillah will dispatch this hapless occupant of her throne in short order.