Odonata is the order of dragonflies. "Odonatan" takes place in a twisted and wonderous place known as the Fairytale Laboratory, which is actually a conglomerate of several secret laboratories scattered throughout the world. Of course, it is widely believed that these laboratories are nothing more than one of the many urban legends that were popular during the Angelic Commonwealth Era. In any case, it is said that a lady of the Egrebirre line founded the Fairytale Laboratory and sought to use science to create creatures from fairytales. To create her first fairy, she stole away a human man and turned him into a half-dragonfly creature. His bones were removed and replaced with exoskeleton, his body was measured and fitted with wings, his eyes were cloned and made compound, et cetera. The "Odonatan" song's true origins are unknown, but it eventually became a popular drinking song in many regions of the Angelic Commonwealth.