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"Faery's Deal"

© Psyche Corp.

Feel the dream crawling in
I sink my claws ‘neath your skin
I settle in
Taste your mind
Swallow down your will in mine

Feel the other consciousness
Misting o’er your eyes
You gamble with the Shadow Queen,
You know the stakes are high!
Mortal Man,
Make your choice
What would you give for an eternity to live?

(For) You’re correct in choosing this place
To petition for divine grace
You've always wanted too much
I can give you what you seek
But I’m no kindly sort of Queen, and
I demand to know what you would sacrifice to me
Sacrifice to me!

I have been here since the Dawning
I will be here till the end
You are fragile as the lotus
I could crush you in my hand
So why do you still dare to kneel
And beg of me a Faery’s Deal?

Raise a child
Raise the dead
Take the chalice
Hide your dread
You will harvest fear distilled
Till the chalice has its fill

And remember when you pause
The Dream that holds you in her claws
I’ll tear your bones away from flesh
If you ignore our interests

Our mind
Will climb
And steal the stars
There you’ll find me dancing in the
Dancing in the dark


In that gloom your glory sparks
there I find you dancing in the
Dancing in the dark.