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      Psyche Corporation is a fairytale cyber/steampunk band fronted by a former Ladies of Steampunk model and programmer who combines dance with a powerhouse vocal range. The band is named after a dream manufacture group from a future where neural implants allow people to download dreams from the Internet. Songs deal in dystopian themes as well as more lighthearted filk works, such as "Perl-Operated Boy". The musical style spans genres of trip-hop, electro-rock, and world music.   

sample stage plot
Solo setup: 2 DI boxes, 1 vocal mic, wedge stage monitors, electric outlet.
+ Cellist: +1 DI box.
+ Guitarist: +1 guitar mic, +1 guitar amp, OR +1 DI box (depends on which guitarist we're bringing).

Things We Like To Have
Travel Coverage Where applicable, we need reasonable travel costs to/from the Event to be covered by the Event.
Overnight Accommodations Where applicable, we need overnight accommodations. i.e. if we're playing late at your Event and you are far away from where we live, or if we are playing several days in a row at your Event.
Place to Sell Merch This helps us as a business.


=> 20-60 min science presentations on the bio-medically relevant topic of your choice. Past presentations have included Weird Medically Relevant Animals, Brain Machine Interfaces, The Future of Replacement Body Parts, and sundry other topics.
=> Introductory poi class/workshop if you provide the socks and hackey sacks.
=> Guest panelist for medical science-related topics*
=> More?

*Although we at Psyche Corp. do not officially recognize any members to be scientists, we do have competent associates who prepare well-received talks on occasion. More information available upon inquiry.

   APPEARANCES    |    past shows    |    radio play    |    other appearances  

Past Musical Performances

169 Bar, NYC (4-3-2006) [then under a different name, initialed P.R.]
The Pussycat Lounge, NYC (8-30-2007) [footage]
M1-5 Lounge (Dead Heaven), NYC (9-8-2007)
Wicked Faire 2008 in Edison, NJ
"Totally Normal Event" in Whippany, NJ (6-30-2008) [footage]
Parkside Lounge, NYC (12-21-2008) [footage]
Wicked Faire in Whippany, NJ (Feb 20-21, 2009)
The Delancey, NYC (6-21-2009)
M1-5 Lounge, NYC (6-27-2009)
The Haunt in Ithaca, NY (7-12-2009) [footage]
Midsummer Magick Faire in Oxford, CT (7-18-09, 7-19-09, 8-1-09, 8-2-09)
Frog King and the Butterflies (8-22-09)
Stranded! 2009 in NYC (9-5-09, photo by Logan Grendel)[footage]
The Haunt in Ithaca, NY (10-2-2009) [footage]
Brooklyn Indie Market's Steampunk II fashion show Afterparty at Way Station in Brooklyn (10-24-09)
Connolly's Klub 45 (at midnight of Saturday night 10-24-09, though technically Sunday..)
Philly Fetish Ball 2009 at Shampoo Night Club in Philadelphia, PA (11-21-09)
The National Underground in NYC (11-28-09)
Clockwork: A monthly night for Retro-Futurists, Wanderers, and Friends in Piscataway, NJ (12-1-09)
R Bar in NYC (12-18-09)
Clockwork II (1-5-10)
The Haunt in Ithaca, NY (1-24-10) [footage]
Clockwork: Clue! in Piscataway, NJ (2-2-10)
Wicked Faire 2010 (2-20-10 & 2-21-10) [footage: The Ceiling] [footage: Whirring World]
Jeff Mach's Big Brass Ball in Piscataway, NJ(3-2-10)
Court of Lazarus at The Slipper Room in Manhattan (3-21-10)
The Haunt in Ithaca, NY (4-2-10), w/ LAW, New Animal, and Zadoc and the Nightmare. [footage]
Clockwork V in Piscataway, NJ (4-8-10)
Black Moon Music Lounge in Belchertown, MA with Pandora's Toybox (4-30-10)[footage]
Clockwork VI aka Big Brass Ball in Piscataway, NJ (5-4-10)
Steampunk World's Fair in Piscataway, NJ (5-14, 5-15, and 5-16-10)
Dorian's Parlor in Philadelphia, PA (6-12-10)see photo by Kyle Cassidy
The QAS at Webster Hall in NYC (7-11-10) see flyer
Midsummer Magick Renaissance Faire in Oxford, CT (7-17, 7-18, 7-24, 8-1-10)
Libertine Ball in Philadelphia, PA (8-14-10)
FanEXPO Canada in Toronto, ON (8-28-10)[footage, part 1][footage, part 2]
Steampunk Salon Saloon in DUMBO, Brooklyn (9-25, 9-26-10)
Wicked Ithaca in Ithaca, NY (10-2-10)[footage]
Diabolique Ball in Philadelphia, PA (11-20-10)
The Anachronism: Wonderland meets Oz at Webster Hall in NYC (11-21-10)see flyer
Arisia 2011 in Boston, MA (1-16-11)
TempleCon 2011 in Warwick, RI (2-6-11)
"Monstrous" fashion showcase for Kristin Costa's designs in NYC (2-16-11)photos
Wicked Faire 2011 in Somerset, NJ (2-18 to 2-20-11)photos
The Alternative Living Expo in Philadelphia, PA (3-5 to 3-6-11)
Steampunk Stylin' at The Way Station in Brooklyn (3-13-11)
ContemptNY in NYC (3-19-11)
Steampunk Industrial Revolution in Nashua, NH (3-26-11)
The Anachronism II: Expedition to Candyland at Webster Hall in NYC (4-3-11)photos
Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition in Toronto, ON (4-30-11)interviewed by Adrienne Kress
International Steampunk City in Waltham, MA (5-7-11)
Way Station in Brooklyn, NYC, opening for Absinthe Drinkers (5-14-11)
Minions of Gozer Ghostbusters Shadowcast Fundraiser at TimeOutNY Lounge in Manhattan (5-14-11)
Steampunk World's Fair 2011 in Somerset, NJ (5-20, 5-21-2011)
Dorian's Parlor in Philadelphia, PA (6-4-11)
Voyage to Dream Country at The Way Station in Brooklyn, with Cello Mike and Paul Hoppe on the live Psyche Corp. show (6-11-11)
Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire in Ansonia, CT with J. Perez (6-25, 6-26-11)
Firefly 2011 in Bethel, VT (7-1, 7-2-11)
The Anachronism III: Visit to Edo at Webster Hall in NYC (8-21-11)photos
The Haunt in Ithaca, NY (9-16-11), w/ Sanjuro Fields, Lobster Quadrille, and Zadoc and the Nightmare. [footage]
Record Archive in Rochester, NY (9-17-11)[vlog] [footage]
Vertex Night Club in Rochester, NY (9-17-11)
The Way Station in Brooklyn, NYC with Sxip Shirey (9-18-11)
Steampunk Bizarre at Mark Twain House in Hartford, CT (10-1-11)[footage]
Dances of Vice: Tokyo Blade Runner, the Official Afterparty for Comicon at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC (10-16-11)
Steampunk 2011 at Dumbo Lofts in Brooklyn (10-23-11) photo(s)
Dracula's Ball at Shampoo Night Club in Philadelphia, PA for Halloween 2011
GKE 2011 in NJ (11-4, 11-5, 11-6-11)
Anachronism IV: Steampunk Dinosaurs! in NYC (12-4-11) FB photo album
Multiverse-A Friendly Gathering In A Strange Universe in New Brunswick, NJ (12-9-11)
Arisia 2012 in Boston, MA (1-14-12)
TempleCon 2012 in Warwick, RI (2-4-12)photos on FB
Wicked Faire 2012 in Somerset, NJ (2-17, 2-18, 2-19-12) [footage: Whirring World feat. guest cellist Unwoman] [footage: Institute] [footage: Wonderland]
Anachronism 4.5: Dracula Meets The Clockwork Man at DROM in NYC (4-1-12)
Macabre Faire 2012 at Rockville Centre in Long Island (4-15-12)
Steampunk World's Fair 2012 (5-19, 5-20-12) [footage: Raise the Dead]
The New York 19th Century Society's Fall Soiree & Benefit Concert at The Morgan in Brooklyn (9-21-2012)
Wildfire Retreat September 2012 Performance Class (9-23-2012) [footage: poi+singing combo]
Dorian's "Unfinished Basement" feat. Unwoman & J. Vourteque at The Arts Garage in Philadelphia, PA (10-13-2012)
The Steampunk Anachronism Meets The Goblin Market feat. Unwoman & J. Vourteque & Voltaire at Club Element in NYC (10-14-2012)
Macabre Faire: Grim Gathering at the Best Western in Rockville Centre, Long Island (10-20-2012)
Court of Lazarus in NYC (10-21-2012)
Multiple Sclerosis Fantasy Ball in Glen Burnie, MD (10-27-2012)
GKE II in Piscatway, NJ (11-3, 11-4-2012)
AnimeUSA in Washington D.C. (11-10-2012)
Ikkicon in Austin, TX (12-29-2012)
Arisia 2013 in Boston, MA (1-19, 1-20-2013)
TempleCon 2013 in Warwick, RI (2-1-2013)
Wicked Faire 2013 in Somerset, NJ (2-17-2013)
The Twisted World / Divine Decadence in Somerset, NJ (4-27, 4-28-2013)
Arcadian Clockwork at Elysium nightclub in Austin, TX (5-4-2013)
Watch City Festival in Waltham, MA (5-11, 5-12-2013)
Steampunk World's Fair in Piscataway, NJ (5-18, 5-19-2013)
Wildfire Retreat May 2013 Performance Class (5-26-2013)
Macabre Faire (6-1-2013)
Fellini Film Festival/Fundraiser in Nyack, NY (in conjunction with fire troupe) (6-19-2013)
Firefly in Bethel, VT (7-6, 7-7-2013)
Dorian's Parlor in Philly (7-20-2013)
Steamstock in Richmond, CA (7-27-2013)
Burning Man 2013 @ Center Camp (8-27-2013)
Burning Man 2013 @ Dark Community Carnival Cafe's Steampunk Vaudeville Night (8-28-2013)
AnimeUSA in Washington D.C. (9-14, 9-15-2013)
International Steampunk City in Speedwell, NJ (10-13-2013)
Gilded Festival at Valley Forge, PA (11-30, 12-1-2013)
Arisia 2014 in Boston, MA (1-18, 1-19-2014)
TempleCon 2014 in Warwick, RI (2-9-2014)
Voltaire's Wicked NecroComicon in Somerset, NJ (2-21-2014)
Psyche Corp & Mei Ohara at McGann's Pub in Boston, MA (4-8-2014)
Psyche Corp. Live in Studio show at WFMU 91.1 FM in Jersey City, NJ, hosted by Julie Dark (5-11-2014)
Steampunk World's Fair in Piscataway, NJ (5-16, 5-17, 5-18-2014)
NYC Pride March w/ Jeff Mach's Giant Robot (6-29-2014)
Busking in Boston Common/Public Garden (9-13, 9-14-2014)
RuffleCon in New Haven, CT (10-4-2014)
International Steampunk City in Speedwell, NJ (10-11-2014)
Brass Ring CT at the New England Carousel Museum in Bristol, CT (1-10-2015)
Arisia 2015 in Boston, MA (1-16, 1-18-2015)
TempleCon 2015 in Warwick, RI (2-7, 2-8-2015)
Wicked Faire 2015 in Princeton, NJ (2-20, 2-21, 2-22-2015)
AnomalyCon 2015 in Denver, CO (3-27, 3-28, 3-29-2015)
Watch City Festival in Waltham, MA (5-9-2015)
132 Productions presents Psyche Corp w/ Classioline at ORB in Toronto, ON (5-15-2015)
Steampunk World's Fair in Piscataway, NJ (5-17-2015)
Steampunk Social w/ This Way to the Egress and DJ Infam0us at A-kon in Dallas, TX (6-5-2015)
5th Annual Venetian Masked Ball Fundraiser for Miss Vamp Hawaii at Eleven44 in Honolulu, HI (6-10-2015)
SteamGoth at QXTs with Jeff Mach and Friends in Newark, NJ (6-27-2015)
Ryu-Kon in Buffalo, NY (7-11-2015)
Superficial Future in Somerville, MA (7-17-2015)
QXTs show, opening for Alter Der Ruine in Newark, NJ (9-5-2015)
RuffleCon (opening for Rasputina) in Stamford, CT (10-2-2015)
Anachronism NYC at DROM in NYC (10-4-2015)
Salonathon at Beauty Bar in Chicago, IL (10-19-2015)
AnimeUSA in Washington D.C. (10-31, 11-1-2015)
Time Traveler's Ball in Cincinnati, OH (11-14-2015)
Gemini & Scorpio NYE: The Casino Battle Royale in Brooklyn, NY (12-31-2015)
Brass Ring Academy & Cabaret in Bristol, CT (1-9-2016)
The Final Wicked Faire in Princeton, NJ (2-19, 2-20-2016)
QXT's Art Series XVIII - Lumiere Film Festival (3-5-2016)
Anachronism NYC: "Anyone for Tea?" at DROM in NYC (3-20-2016)
Steampunk in NYC with Nathaniel Johnstone and Friends at DROM in NYC (5-3-2016)
Watch City Festival in Waltham, MA (5-7-2016)
Steampunk World's Fair in Piscataway, NJ (5-15-2016)
Steam and Silk Summer Gala at the Little Theatre of Manchester Cheney Hall in Manchester, CT (6-3-2016)
Dreaming of a Spark? Steampunking in the Park(ade) 2 in Manchester, CT (6-4-2016)
Steampunk in the Catskills II at the Blackthorne Resort in East Durham, NY (6-10, 6-11-2016)
Labyrinth 30th Anniversary Goblin City Ball in Ronkonkoma, NY (6-17-2016)
Convivial Fest at Connecticon 2016 in Hartford, CT (7-9-2016)
Haunt Faire in Ronkonkoma, NY (8-6-2016)
Liberty City Anime Con 2016 in Times Square Manhattan (8-20-2016)
Elite Beats Unofficial Liberty City Anime Afterparty at The Pyramid Club in Manhattan (8-21-2016)
Springfield Vermont Steampunk Festival at Hartness House Inn in Springfield, VT (9-24-2016)
Halloween in the Catskills: Grand Opening Weekend at the Blackthorne Resort in East Durham, NY (10-2-2016)
RuffleCon in Stamford, CT (10-14-2016)
AnimeUSA in Washington D.C. (10-22-2016)
Brass Ring CT at the New England Carousel Museum in Bristol, CT (1-8-2017)
Glimmerdark in Princeton, NJ (2-3, 2-5-2017)
Dark Side of the Con in Piscataway, NJ (3-19-2017)
Steampunk World's Fair in Piscataway, NJ (5-6-2017)
Watch City Festival in Waltham, MA (5-13-2017)
Steampunk in the Catskills III at the Blackthorne Resort in East Durham, NY (6-10, 6-11-2017)
Connecticon 2017 in Hartford, CT (7-8-2017)
Liberty City Anime Con 2017 in Times Square Manhattan (8-19-2017)
Court of Lazarus in NYC (9-17-2017)
GOTHFEST in Montréal (9-30-2017)
Halloween in the Catskills (10-21-2017)

Other Appearances

NY Anime Festival 2009 (Sept. 27) steampunk fashion show model for Berit New York Designs. Video footage +alternate link to video footage
Carnal Carnival (Rutgers, BiGLARU event) 10-29-09
Psyche Corp.'s music on VBS TV: In the Vice Versus webisode series (episode 4), VBS TV does a steampunk documentary featuring a short clip from Psyche Corp.'s song "Antoinette" and footage of P. Chimère modeling at the NeoVictorian fashion show at NY Anime Fest 2009. First aired in Fall 2009.
Transmutation: New Year's Eve co-design and construction of robot forest art installation. 12-31-09 to 1-1-10
Featured model in the Esteam Photobook 2009. See sample page images [1], [2], and [3].
Biomedical engineering talk: "Replacement Body Parts and Cyborgs" 2-19-10 at Wicked Faire 2010
QAS Fashion Show at Webster Hall runway model for Harmony Corbett (Sax DMA) fashions, 2-28-10.[footage]
"Wonderland" played at Gaslight in Brisbane, an event hosted by Black Productions 3-20-2010. Thank you, DJ Kali!
Biomedical engineering talk: "Topics in Replacement Body Parts and Cyborgs" 5-16-10 at Steampunk World's Fair
Composer of all music for "Absinthe Heroes", a Steampunk Rock Opera written by Jeff Mach and performed for the first time at Steampunk World's Fair 2010
Dorian's Parlor Fashion Show modeling for Karen von Oppen/KVO Designs in Philly 6-12-10
one more photo
QAS II Fashion Show modeling for Harmony Corbett in NYC 7-11-10
The Michael Masoy Agency's 2nd Annual Fashion Show And Art Auction, modeling for Artificial Intrigue/Alex Eisenstein in NYC 8-10-10
FanEXPO 2010 Steampunk Meet and Greet in Toronto, ON 8-27-10
Brooklyn Indie Market's Steampunk III Fashion Show, modeling for KVO Designs 10-24-10
The Anachronism: Wonderland meets Oz, fashion show, modeling for Artificial Intrigue 11-21-10
Panelist on "Our Weird Biology" science discussion at Arisia in Boston 1-16-11
"Topics in Modern Day Cyborg Research" talk at TempleCon 2011 in Warwick, RI 2-5-11
Kristin Costa's "Monstrous" fashion showcase in NYC 2-16-11
The Anachronism II: Expedition to Candyland, fashion show, modeling for Kristin Costa 4-3-11
Steampunk World's Fair 2011 Fashion Show, modeling for Kristin Costa 5-22-2011
"Topics on Cyborgs, Tissue Engineering, and Mitochondria" talk at Steampunk World's Fair 5-22-2011
The Anachronism III: Visit to Edo, fashion show, modeling for Kristin Costa 8-21-11
Fashion coverage in Courtesan Macabre for Anachronism III August 2011
Culture Asylum Magazine, September 2011 issue, modeling for Kristin Costa
Steampunk 2011 Fashion Show at Dumbo Lofts in Brooklyn, modeling for Kristin Costa's Glass Box collection 10-23-2011
Panelist on "The Near Future of Organ Transplants" discussion at Arisia in Boston 1-15-12
"Medically Relevant Animals" talk at TempleCon 2012 in Warwick, RI 2-5-12
Macabre Faire "Glass Box Collection" fashion show, modeling for Kristin Costa 4-15-12
Poi routine on TEDx 4-28-2012
Mentioned in May 2012 article of Gothic Beauty Magazine
Intro Poi Workshops at Ikkicon 12-29-12
Brain Machine Interfaces lecture at Ikkicon 12-29-12
Biopunk Panel Discussion: Copyright and Genetics at TempleCon 2-2-2013
Brain Machine Interfaces, Neuroimaging, and Auditory Hallucinations lecture/discussion at AnimeUSA 9-14-2013
Introductory Poi Workshop at Gilded Festival 11-30, 12-1-2013
Ladies of Steampunk, Vol. 2 Issue 2, featured model November 2013
How They Lie with Statistics (science panel) at Arisia 1-19-14
Emcee of "Mainframe: A Cyberpunk Fashion Show" at TempleCon 2-9-14
Topics in Neurodecoding: Brain Machine Interfaces in the Present Day at TempleCon 2-9-14
Runway model for Underbelly: Fall/Winter 2014 Collection by Kristin Costa, NYC Fashion Week, produced by The Set NYC 2-13-14
Runway model for Triple Fortune at the Fashion Show at RuffleCon 10-4-14
Science Year in Review (science panel) at Arisia 1-18-15
Women are Ruining Science (science panel) at AnomalyCon 3-28-15
Neuro Decoding (science talk) at AnomalyCon 3-28-15
Steampunk Music Panel at A-kon in Dallas, TX (6-5-2015)
Neuro Decoding (science talk) at Ryu-Kon 7-11-15
Introductory Poi Workshop at Ryu-Kon 7-11-15
Runway model for Triple Fortune at the Lolita Fashion Show at RuffleCon 10-3-15
Neuro Decoding (science talk) at AnimeUSA 10-31-15
Future of Mental Illness Research (science talk) at AnimeUSA 11-1-15
Neuro Decoding (science talk) at Wicked Faire 2-21-16
Co-host w/ featured short film ("Oh") for QXT's Art Series XVIII - Lumiere Film Festival 3-5-16
Played lead role of "Annabelle McAllister" in Anachronism NYC's theatrical production of Act I of Paul Shapera's Steampunk Rock Opera: Dolls of New Albion at DROM in NYC 3-20-16
Neuro Decoding (science talk) at Steampunk World's Fair 5-15-16
Neuro Decoding (science talk) at Liberty City Anime Con 8-20-16
Future of Mental Illness Research (science talk) at Liberty City Anime Con 8-20-16
Runway model for Triple Fortune and Putumayo at the Lolita Fashion Show at RuffleCon 10-15-16
Changelings for Cookies event (Elven cookies exchanged for your unborn human children) at Glimmerdark in Princeton, NJ 2-4-17
Model for Apothecary by Kristin Costa, NYC Fashion Week, produced by The Set NYC 2-14-17
Future of Mental Illness Research (science talk) at Liberty City Anime Con 8-19-17
NeuroDecoding: Research into Interpreting Brain Signals (science talk) at Liberty City Anime Con 8-19-17

Radios that have played Psyche Corp.'s music

The Last Exit for the Lost Radio Show (WVBR 93.5 FM Ithaca, NY)
XM Radio, Channel 76, Fine Tunings, hosted by Bill Kates
Metallic Onslaught Radio Show (WEOS 89.7FM Geneva, NY)
Tuesdays with the Band (WVBR 93.5 FM Ithaca, NY) on 1-19-10, listen to Psyche Corp. interview here.
The Clockwork Cabaret Radio Show WCOM 103.5 FM-LP in Chapel Hill/Carrboro, NC
Airship Babylon Radio 102.1 FM in Brisbane, Australia. First played 3-2-2010.
"Out ov the Coffin" Radio by DJ Ichabod on WRVU 91.1 FM Nashville, TN (First played Jan 28, 2010)
WHRW 90.5 FM in Binghamton, NY (hosted by Brandon Turner)
Ripley Radio
Zsentient MetalCast Radio 8-1-07
Preying Lizard Music/Pirate Radio, hosted by Les Lewellyn
Mirror Shades Radio
Pluri Media Group's Cyberpunk Radio SF (#120)
RockStar Radio at GameCon
Dark Nation Radio (Dec 1-15, 2009)
225 Hz of WFKU.org
Taste of Darkness on MeshRadio in Singapore
"In Goth We Trust" with Chelsea Goodwin WIOX Radio 91.3 FM Roxbury, NY
Sounds of Steam
WFMU 91.1 FM, Jersey City, NJ
The Gralien Report
KCVI - Idaho Falls, ID
WDWN - Auburn, NY
WKRH - Oswego, NY
KOZE - Lewiston, ID
WHWS - Geneva, NY
KGAR - Lemoore, CA
INDIE 1031 - Worldwide Online
ROCK HARD RADIO - Worldwide Online
ACE RADIO NETWORK - Worldwide Online
PURE STEELE RADIO - Worldwide Online
ROCK RADIO UK - Worldwide Online
STATION 4 THE NATIONS - Worldwide Online
ICED OUT RADIO - Worldwide Online
RADIO ANDRA - Worldwide Online
KING FM - Worldwide Online
MERSEY RADIO - Worldwide Online
107.5 AND HOW FM - Worldwide Online
JRRBLL's The Sound and the Fury on K-ROCK (WKLL 94.9 FM, WKRL 100.9 FM, and WKRH 106.5 FM in Syracuse area, NY)
and others..

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