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"Medicine Man"

© Psyche Corp.

(ashes ashes we all fall)
(ashes ashes ashes we all fall down)

We were strollin' by a field of purple posies
and we stopped to pick ourselves a bouquet
Pockets bulging, we were sharin' stories
when we saw someone comin' our way..

Look out when you see the Medicine Man
You better run run as fast as you can
He's gonna start drilling a hole in your head
He's gonna suck down your dreams till you're dead

Our chance
To live
He takes
He gives
It's time to weep
It's time to sleep
et jamais réveiller
et jamais réveiller
(we all fall down)

If you watch him dancing 'round a ring o' roses
you would hardly think he could ever
be bad
Birds are silent as he passes by them
They know he's the Medicine Man

He's been here longer than human sin
He likes the smell of fear on your skin
at night he's waiting under your bed
Listening to the heart in your chest


When the wind is blowing, you can hear us crying
'cause we know our ashes will never be found
But when it's your turn, he will choose among us
and he'll breathe us in
while he decants you out..