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Psyche Corp.

have you met the Odonatan human?
he was born like all the others, crawling
by a pond underneath an overturned dinghy, he first caught my eye

human, you have such a curious structure!
i would love to see your dermis ossified
your eyes and hands are plainly begging
to be multiplied

i escorted him, reluctant, to my dwelling
through the labyrinth of labs i keep inside
he was scared but i assured him there would be no worry
once he learned to fly

my assistants held him down through the de-boning
we sedated him with Tramadol and gin
he was giggling through the surgery and stitching
we were glad because the others used to scream


come to me my fine anthropomorphic specimen
i could fashion you a wonder of the world
i consider you to be my sphere of influence
for i am an imperialistic girl
all the papers are a-buzz about his making
news of him is circulating far and wide
all the children and their parents stare astonished
at the image of his compound eyes

marvel at the figure of the Odonatan
gloriously metamorphosized
i could build a chrysalis like his for you
in just your size