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"One Thousand Years"

Psyche Corp.

He made a faery's bargain
An Angel's wings to buy one thousand years

There was some trouble finding
a stairway to the sky
but after years of trying,
a path appeared one night.

So he stole into Heaven,
wearing a serpent's smile.
He'd break an Angel for one thousand years.

Drawn at first by the sound of her song,
he saw her wings before he'd searched for very long

"Angel would you let me examine your wings?
They seem to me to be the most Beautiful things!"
Mortal man, she said. Take what you need.

He was surprised at first to see that Angels too
could bleed.
He felt a slight remorse as he made his delivery.

Back in Heaven, slowly fading, she could no longer stand.
She'd known what she was giving
up to the mortal man.
The Faery took the wings and let her laughter fill the trees.
You've done well, my lad! I grant you your
One thousand years.

He dreams about the Angel every now and then.
Someday he hopes he will see her once again.