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Psyche Corp.

Knock knock knock
Why haven't you returned my calls?
I think it's
To keep the Shadow Queen in such suspense
I told you I don't want to fight
I only want to be in your good graces
I used to hold the aces
To all your games
Did you think you were so hard to tame?
(Trust me I won't make the same mistake)

Maybe once upon a time
I told you that I would be nice
Don't be coy dear
I lied
You're mine
I made you
and I can break you

(Don't be a fool you know that I make the rules
and if you're hoping for mercy
I'm the wrong kind of God
You can plead, you can fall to your knees
for eternity
You won't sway me
You have betrayed me)

Pardon my
Rather poisonous turn of phrase
I just want you to know
This time you have no place to hide
I'll sear my name on every star
so you'll remember what you are

You came from my imagination
Sorcery and inclination
to design a work of art
A plane superior
'cause the place from whence I came was inferior.

(I have survived the stuff of nightmares and I
don't think you quite understand
that you are mine to demand
I'm already inside of your mind
I'll swallow down your will in mine)

Ma cherie
Battit ses ailes
s'envoler elle
ne peut jamais

Ah mon coeur
Abandonnes-toi moi,
la reine de l'ombre

Now your charms are all undone
Dissolution has begun
Come back soon before you're gone
You have been warned!



Don't make me break you.

(xiao xin)

Knock knock knock universe
oh, oh universe
No one else deserves
To have what I had first
No one deserves you
No one deserves to
have what I had first
what I had first
what I had first..