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"What Magic You've Forsaken"

© Psyche Corp.

Night time is calling me away from
The logic of my wise decisions
Cause my mind is blind in the darkness
And lovers are monsters who lie with a kiss

In the mornin' I'm a genius
Sittin' in an office
Far away from ghosts and conspiracies

Doing lotsa hard stuff
With my three diplomas
Yeah, let's just say you believe me

Night time is sneaking me away from
Once obvious interpretations
Chasing my dreams in the daylight
Turns into a hellfire in clever disguise

In the mornin' I'm a genius
Sittin' in an office
Far away from demons and trust betrayed

We talk of medication
But I am not your patient
And I can stay quiet and compensate

Oh! Unforgivable--
Little witch from a bygone empire,
What magic you've forsaken?
Sinful was your abdication
Fairytales are all that matter

Promises I have unlearned, from
Merciless fables to children
Say "Why not stay pure for the unicorn?
The hardworking carthorse inherits the horn."

In the morning I'm a dossier
Wishing for a world where
Merit isn't tied to morality

But I, too, ate the apple
And I stormed the castle
And in it was an office and three Degrees.

Oh! Unforgivable!
For the heart of a child is what brought you.
False lover of immortals,
Crawl back through the elven portal
Fairytales are all that matter

It's been so long that I cowered in silence
Raised on the myth and the violence
Suffer for your destiny girl
Portal to a magical world

It's nothing but a marketing campaign
Happy's left for the ever after, sucker

It's funny these lies can feel so believable
Crazed, you give all that you're able
Suffer for the make-believe rules
Understand the meaning of Fool

Guess I better start it all over
or Happy's left for
the ever after